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Tradesmen for London Newsletter. Issue number 6 of our newsletter is here and ready to read. It features lots of blogs featured below in this news section, as well as photos from one of our most recent projects at the amazing Spectrum House, where we carried out an office dilapidation on unit 15. We also feature a special offer for all of our non-account customers to take advantage.

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Rio 2016 The summer of sport continues through August with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Perhaps the biggest event of the summer, the Olympic games always attract the world’s attention but this time around there has been a lot of attention for all of the wrong reasons. With doping scandals, unfinished venues and much more. We would much rather focus on the spectacle of the games and supporting Team GB than focus on negatives, so here is a quick starter guide for enjoying the Olympic Games Rio 2016 from London. Read our guide for lots of helpful information on watching the games and supporting Team GB!

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Gardening tips It’s already August and it feels like summer has barely kicked off this year, yet it’s so close to being over. We are hanging onto the hope that there are still some great days to enjoy before the weather starts to change and we start enjoying our gardens in a very different way (saying goodbye to the BBQs, paddling pools and sun loungers) Read our top tips from around the web for working in the garden this August.

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Thames Water In our third and final list of Thames Water facts we have a look at the less glamorous side of water supply, sewage treatment. This, much like water supply in general can go very much underappreciated, but is something that plays a key role in all of our lives and Tradesmen For London take great pride in maintaining plumbing for Londoners homes and businesses.

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Limesclae is that milky white deposit often left in your shower/bath and appliances that use water, such as your kettle. It is made up mostly of calcium carbonate, so poses no problems for our health but can cause issues with your plumbing if allowed to get out of hand.

Limescale comes from hard water, which is more alkaline, that means some mild acids will dissolve the troublesome build up without causing damage to the surface it is attached to. If you would like to check what kind of water you have in London, click here to visit the Thames Water website for more info.

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Gardening Tips and Advice We are powering through a wet, wet Summer in London. Hopefully we will see the sun come out more often in July and August than we have so far. But as you can expect, we have searched the internet and found some tips and advice for working in the garden this July.

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Newsletter Issue #5 Issue number 5 of our newsletter is available to read now. This month we have a look at how to get rid of limescale in your home, details on how you can relive the London Olympic games with the anniversary games, advice on what to do if you have been affected by a rouge trader and much more.

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Hard & soft water Hard and Soft water, you will have heard these terms every now and then, but what does it actually mean to have hard water? In this blog we explain why this occurs, the effects and what you can do about it.

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Gardening Tips Summer is officially here, and with it the lovely sunshine and warm weather. Your garden will be changing and flourishing in the next month, we have put together a few tips from around the web to help with your gardening in June.

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UEFA EURO 2016 UEFA EURO 2016 kicks off this month and Roy Hodgson and his England squad will be fighting to bring the trophy home. England have been drawn with neighbours Wales in the group stage which is sure to make things interesting.

We will make sure we keep you up to date via Facebook and Twitter on all the game times and where you can see them. There are plenty of options, from watching at home on TV, going out on the town or even travelling to watch the games live in France.

For now, we have put together a bit of an overview to get you started, click below to see

England At The Euros Blog Post


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